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The GAA World Games is a competition that recognises the global expansion of Gaelic games.
In the last 10 years there has been an almost 100 per cent growth in the number of GAA clubs operating outside of Ireland with more than 400 now in existence.
As well as traditional strong holds across Britain and North America, GAA clubs now have a vibrant pulse in operation in Asia, the Middle East, right across Europe and Australia.
New clubs made up of non-native Irish people who have been drawn to and inspired by Gaelic games is proof of the strengthening of these overseas roots.
The 2019 Renault GAA World Games is a chance to bring these regions together to celebrate their passion for our games and help them develop even further.
Overall Schedule
Sunday July 28th – Opening Ceremony Parade – Waterford City
Monday July 29th Day 1 – Tournament – WIT Arena, Waterford
Tuesday July 30th Day 2 – Tournament – WIT Arena, Waterford
Wednesday July 31st Day 3 – Tournament – WIT Arena, Waterford
Thursday August 1st Day 4 – Tournament – WIT Arena, Waterford, Plate & Shield Finals
Friday August 2nd Renault World Games 2019 Finals – Croke Park Dublin
There are over 1,100 players from all around the world coming to Waterford and Dublin from July 28th to August 2nd. We have teams coming from Australia, South Africa, and Argentina, as well as teams from China, Canada, the Middle East, New York, North America, Asia, Europe, and Britain. The players are coming from over 25 countries to the event. Overall there are approximately 84 teams entered in the competition across the four codes. It promises to be a spectacular and not to be missed event, combining all that is good about the GAA, both nationally and internationally.
Here's a breakdown of the teams coming to Waterford to compete for World Games Camogie glory in 2019 –
Europe Gaels (Irish Born Camogie)
Europe Rovers (Native Born Camogie)
Middle East
Middle East (Irish Born Camogie)
Midatlantic (Native Born Hurling, Native Born Camogie)
Heartland (Native Born Hurling, Native Born Camogie)
Twin Cities (Native Born Camogie)
Warriors (Native Born Camogie)
Irish Born Camogie
Lions (Irish Born Camogie)
Toronto (Irish Born Camogie)
Ottawa/Montreal/Toronto/Halifax (Native Born Camogie)
Green Isle London (Irish Born Camogie)
Thomas McCurtains (Irish Born Camogie)
Fr. Murphys London (Irish Born Camogie)
Tara London (Irish Born Camogie)
Please follow the link to all fixtures over the coming week :

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