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Setting up a new Club – How to get started

Club Set-up Infographic July 2020

Step 1: Contact your County Board
Any County boasting three or more Club Units has a Camogie County Board which acts as the governing Unit for that area.

Prior to the formal establishment of a new Club, the County Board should be contacted. Contact details for County units can be found HERE

The County Board will endeavour to support the prospective club in its set-up, as well as seasons going forward.

Step 2: Contact The Camogie Association
The Camogie Association is the national organisation which administers, legislates and promotes the game of Camogie.

Following on from making contact with a prospective Club’s County Board, the Camogie Association should be made aware of the intentions of those involved so as all necessary supports may be put in place, by contacting us.

Step 3: Elect a Committee
Each Camogie Club Unit must elect a Committee.

The administrative structures, their powers and duties are outlined in Section C within An Treoir Oifigiúil, Rialacha an Cumann Camógaíochta.

The Camogie Association recognises and promotes the One Club Model. Where possible, it is best practice to explore the possibility of the One Club Model being integrated at the outset of a new Camogie Club. Where support is needed in terms of One Club Model integration please contact the Camogie Association for guidance.

Step 4: Insurance for all members. Registration of players.
The Camogie Association, unlike its GAA and LGFA counterparts, does not administer its own injury scheme. This means that injury cover/insurance must be purchased from insurance providers, operating independently in the private sector. More information on insurance for members is available HERE

Information regarding the registration of Camogie Club members can be found in Section B of An Treoir Oifigiúil, Rialacha an Cumann Camógaíochta.

Within Steps 1/2, an e-mail address and Foireann account will have been set up in the name of the new prospective Club.

Foireann is the system used by Camogie, GAA, LGFA, Handball and Rounders Clubs to register their members. Foireann replaces the original ‘Servasport’ system and helpful resources around the usability of the system will be posted here in the near future.

Step 5: Child Safeguarding, Coach Education & Club-School Link
To view a host of resources regarding the Safeguarding of our young participants, please visit our Child Welfare section.

Each County Board Unit has a Games Development Officer who should be contacted with regard to developing a structure for coaches within a new club in its inaugural years. For more information please contact

To view a host of resources regarding Coach Education, please click HERE

Developing a strong Club-School Link supports the sustainability of any new Club. A resource on developing a Camogie Club-School Link can be viewed HERE


For more useful resources for various Club activities please visit our Learning & Development section.

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