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The Camogie Association has several programmes and initiatives which target different areas of the game.

Development Initiatives Booklet

This useful resource can be downloaded here.


M.N.A Programme

For full information regarding the M.N.A Programme download the M.N.A Programme Booklet

For any queries regarding the M.N.A Programme please contact the M.N.A. Programme Servicing Officer on


Go Games

Visit the Go Games information hub HERE.


Electric Ireland Hurl With Me

Electric Ireland Hurl With Me 2023 by Camogie Association

Electric Ireland Hurl With Me is a fantastic initiative for clubs to get involved in. It is inclusive programme with plenty of fun, providing an opportunity for female adults to get involved with their club. It is a 4–6-week programme where the adults learn new fun skills and assist with coaching the younger kids (I.e At Home, In School, Between Club Sessions). Over 1,000 people have participated in the Hurl with Me Initiative since 2020. 

The Camogie Association will provide training for the Hurl with Me nominated trainer from the clubs taking part. By completing this training, the trainer can bring these skills back, and encourage more female adults to get involved and practice their new skills learn with their daughter – increasing physical activity levels for both parent and child.

The aim of this programme is to encourage parents and give them the opportunity to learn the basic skills of the game in a fun and supportive environment.  By these female role models getting involved in the programme we believe this should also have an effect of increasing the younger girl’s interest in playing.  

The mentor will deliver 4-6 skills and sessions over a number of weeks to parents/sisters/older adults in the club, who will then assist the younger girls with the new skillset from the Hurl with Me Coaching Tutorial. Having an older adult assist the young girls will further encourage the younger girls to stay in sport, assisting with player retention. 

At the end of the 46 weeks there’s a national Day at the GAA Centre in Abbottstown where all of the clubs who have taken part in the Hurl with Me Programme are invited to attend. It is a fun and exciting blitz where both the parents/adults play a game of camogie, followed by the younger kids. Providing a fun day out for club members to play Camogie and encouraging participation for all ages! 166 children and 100 adults took part in our National Hurl with Me Day in 2022. 

For the Longer term, by getting involved in the programme – this may well be the first step in a parent becoming more involved in the club through coaching or an officer role. The Camogie Association endeavors to see more females involved in all aspects of the sport! 

If your club are interested in getting involved in the MNA Programme and the Electric Ireland Hurl with Me, please contact 

A guide to the Hurl With Me Programme is available Electric Ireland Hurl With Me Booklet




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