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The Camogie Association believe that doping is contrary to the spirit of FAIR PLAY and members have a responsibility to ensure that our sport is free of doping. Anti-doping compliance is detailed in Section 26 of the Official Guide Part 1

  1. To uphold and preserve the ethics of sport.
  2. To safeguard the physical health and mental integrity of players.
  3. To ensure that all competitors have an equal chance. The Irish Anti-Doping Rules are available at Sport Ireland Anti-Doping The following information highlights key areas regarding anti-doping.

The Camogie Association advises members to read the Anti-Doping Rules and to understand their responsibilities under these rules. The consequences of not adhering to Anti-Doping Rules can be severe for players and their support personnel; therefore, it is critical that any questions/concerns be clarified with either the Camogie Association or Sport Ireland. The Camogie Association run Anti-Doping workshops to facilitate the development and delivery of a quality education programme for all the major stakeholders.

1. The Irish Anti-Doping Rules

    1. Available at Sport Ireland Anti-Doping.
    2. Anti-doping Rule Violations – Report Doping

2. The World Anti-Doping Code 2021 

3. How to check your medications

    1. Beta 2 agonists in Asthma Management e.g. Ventolin or Seretide
    2. Pseudoephedrine in Cold and Flu medication (Nurofen, Lemsip etc.)

4. Supplement Use in Sport Guidelines 


5. What happens in a drug test/doping control? 


6. Camogie Association Intercounty Anti – Doping eLearning Module 2021:

Steps below to assist players in accessing module on :

  1. Ensure you have a profile set up on before accessing module
  2. Then go to
  3. Enrolment key is cleansport
  4. Complete ‘Select Your County’ section and then the ‘Anti-doping Module’
  5. When all passed your certificate will be available to access at bottom of the main module page
  6. Forward a copy of your certificate to your county secretary or designated representative


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