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2022 PwC Camogie All-Star Awards, Croke Park

Sat 26th Nov

Ellen McManus


26th November 2022




2022 PwC Camogie All-Stars Awards:  All-Ireland Champions Kilkenny lead with eight awards.


All-Ireland Senior champions Kilkenny dominate the 2022 PwC Camogie All-Stars team after capturing the O’Duffy Cup for a fifteenth time. Taking eight places on the team, the 2022 PwC Camogie All-Star selection was announced by Marie Crowe, at a ceremony in Croke Park on Saturday 26th November.

Amongst the All-Stars recipients for the All-Ireland champions, were first time winners Aoife Norris as goalkeeper and half-back Laura Murphy.  In defence for Kilkenny, Grace Walsh and Claire Phelan picked up their third All-Star wins.

The Cats half-forward duo of Julianne Malone and Denise Gaule also picked up awards, with Denise Gaule having previously taken her place on the All-Star team in 2016, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.

Katie Nolan took her place in the 2022 line-up in corner-forward position, with Miriam Walsh joining as full-forward for Kilkenny.

Cork were awarded four positions on the 2022 PwC Camogie All-Stars team from their ten nominations.   Libby Coppinger in corner-back, with Saoirse McCarthy as half-back, Ashling Thompson in mid-field and Katriona Mackey completing Cork’s All-Star winners in corner-forward.

Waterford’s Captain Lorraine Bray and Beth Carton were awarded the mid-field and centre-forward positions respectively, with Galway’s Shauna Healy completing the 2022 PwC Camogie All-Stars line up in corner back.

Kilkenny Manager Brian Dowling was named as PwC Camogie Manager of the Year for the second time having guided the Cats to All-Ireland victory in 2020 and 2022.

Miriam Walsh also collected the PwC GPA Camogie Senior Player of the Year award for Kilkenny, with Lisa Casserly of Galway the recipient of the Intermediate accolade, whilst Antrim’s Dervla Cosgrove was chosen for the Premier Junior Player of the Year.  All three were selected after voting by intercounty players through the GPA, with the awards sponsored by PwC.

All-Ireland Intermediate champions Galway lead the 2022 PwC Camogie Soaring Stars represented by seven players: defenders Ciara Hickey, Clara Donohue, Katie Manning and Lisa Casserly on the back line.  Jennifer Hughes took her position in midfield, with forwards Katie Gilchrist and Niamh McPeake completing Galway’s selection.

Runners up in the Intermediate Championship Cork took home three Soaring Stars, with Ashling Moloney full-back, Joanne Casey half-forward and Lauren Homan in corner-forward.

All-Ireland Premier Junior Champions Antrim also took home three Soaring Stars with goalie, Aine Graham, Emma Laverty in mid-field and Dervla Cosgrove as corner-forward.

Aoife Minogue of Meath and Gráinne McNicholl complete the Soaring Stars line-up in the half-forward and half back positions.


Speaking at the event Camogie Association President Hilda Breslin said:

“Congratulations to all the PwC Camogie All-Star and Soaring Star Award recipients for 2022. It is a huge achievement to be recognised for your performances at the highest level and I hope tonight’s achievements inspire you and future generations to continue to light the way for our sport. I would like to commend the Camogie All Stars Committee for their hard work and dedication spending each weekend visiting matches throughout the country. 

 I would like to welcome PwC to the Camogie family and thank them for their hard work and support in ensuring our successful celebrations tonight.  Thanks to the GPA who continue to co-sponsor the Camogie Player of the Year Awards.  I congratulate Miriam Walsh, Lisa Casserly, Dervla Cosgrove for their success and to the nominees in each of our Senior, Intermediate and Premier Junior Championships. To be recognised and voted for by your peers is an enormous honour. 

Congratulations to Brian Dowling for his second time win for Kilkenny in the last three years and indeed his second win as Camogie Manager of the Year.” 


Speaking on behalf of PwC, Feargal O’Rourke, Managing Partner, said:

“On behalf of everyone at PwC, sincere congratulations to all the winners of the 2022 PwC Camogie All-Stars, Soaring Stars and Manager of the Year Awards and the PwC GPA Camogie Player of the Year Awards.

Their superb performances throughout the season see them as truly deserving winners, a fitting reward for the commitment and dedication they demonstrate, while also inspiring younger generations. All-Stars are not only outstanding individual players, but also integral parts of the teams they play for. Their core values, such as determination and teamwork, are held closely at PwC.”


Speaking on behalf of the GPA , National Executive Committee Co-Chair, Maria Kinsella said:-

“To all the PwC Camogie All-Star winners, massive congratulations.  These awards are the highest individual honours you can achieve in camogie and each and every one of you should be very proud of being selected and of your performances in 2022.

 Our games are all about what you can do as part of a team, but there is still a very special place for honouring individual excellence. Miriam, Lisa and Dervla have demonstrated the highest levels of skill, dedication, and teamwork throughout 2022 and are very worthy winners of the Player of the Year Awards.  They should be especially proud of their achievements given that they were selected by their fellow players.

 My thanks to PwC who are leading the way when it comes to equality within Gaelic games given their backing for both the male and female codes.  Thank you also to the Camogie Association for celebrating the inter-county game with these awards. We look forward to continuing to partner with you on the Player of the Year Awards and to further strengthening our relationship into the future.”


2022 PwC Camogie All-Star Winners
Goalkeeper Aoife Norris Kilkenny First All-Star.
Corner Backs: Libby Coppinger Cork First All-Star.
Shauna Healy Galway 4th All Star.  Won in 2019, 2020, 2021.
Full Back: Grace Walsh Kilkenny 3rd All Star.  Won in 2018 & 2020
Half Backs: Laura Murphy Kilkenny First All-Star
Saoirse McCarthy Cork First All-Star.  Won Soaring Star in 2018.
Centre Back Claire Phelan Kilkenny 3rd All Star.  Won in 2019 & 2020
Mid Field Ashling Thompson Cork 3rd All-Star 2015 & 2017.
Lorraine Bray Waterford 2nd All-Star. Won in 2019.  Soaring Star in 2015.
Half Forward Denise Gaule Kilkenny 6th All Star.  Won in 2016, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021.
Julianne Malone Kilkenny 2nd All Star.  Last won in 2016.
Centre Forward Beth Carton Waterford 3rd All-Star.  Won in 2018 & 2019.  Soaring Star in 2015.
Corner Forward Katie Nolan Kilkenny 2nd All Star.  Won her first in 2021.
Katriona Mackey Cork 6th All-Star.  Won in 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018.
Full Forward Miriam Walsh Kilkenny 3rd All Star.  Won in 2016 & 2020.
2022 PwC Camogie Soaring-Star Winners
Goalie: Aine Graham Antrim 1st year playing for Antrim at Senior level.  First Soaring Star
Corner Backs: Ciara Hickey Galway First Soaring Star
  Ashling Moloney Cork First Soaring Star
Full Back: Ciara Donohue Galway First Soaring Star
Half Backs: Katie Manning Galway First Soaring Star
  Gráinne McNicholl Derry First Soaring Star
Centre Back: Lisa Casserly Galway First Soaring Star
Mid Field: Jennifer Hughes Galway First Soaring Star
  Emma Laverty Antrim First Soaring Star
Half Forwards: Joanne Casey Cork First Soaring Star
  Aoife Minogue Meath Won Soaring Star in 2017.
Centre Forward: Katie Gilchrist Galway First Soaring Star
Corner Forwards: Dervla Cosgrove Antrim First year competing in Premier Junior Championship.  First Soaring Star
  Lauren Homan Cork First Soaring Star
Full Forward: Niamh McPeake Galway First Soaring Star
2022 PwC Manager of the Year
Manager of the Year Brian Dowling Kilkenny 2nd Award having won Manager of the Year in 2020
2022 PwC GPA Camogie Player of the Year
Premier Junior: Dervla Cosgrove Antrim First Soaring Star
Intermediate: Lisa Casserly Galway First Soaring Star
Senior: Miriam Walsh Kilkenny 3rd All Star.  Won in 2016 & 2020.


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