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NAME: Grßinne Kenneally
AGE: 22
COURSE: PE Teaching
POSITION: Haàanywhere and everywhere!!


What are your ambitions for camogie this season?

Come February I’ll be hoping to put up a serious fight for the Ashbourne Cup with UCC out on the CIT grounds. With Waterford anything short of walking up the Hogan Stand on the second Sunday in September will be an unsuccessful year in my eyes.


The Ashbourne weekend will soon be upon us, how do you rate your chances?

Anything can happen on any given day!! At the moment, all we are concerned about are UL on the 6th February. There are a few steps left before anyone gets their hands on the Ashbourne Cupàwe’ll take them one at a time!!


Do you find it hard to dedicate time to camogie and study?

That is where priorities come into place and things are put on a ladder:
1) Camogie, 2) Social life, 3) Study!! It’s all good, haven’t failed yet!!


Who is your toughest opponent?

This year with UCC it has got to be the weather!! From flooding taking our pitches to ice and snow limiting our journeys!!


What player do you most admire?

Miriam Crowleyàshe keeps coming back to us despite the slagging she gets!!


You have been involved in many great teams and done so much but what is your proudest achievement?

Lining out as captain with the BCS, Lismore for our Senior B Munster final back in 2006. Although we lost that day, we togged out together as a team despite all that happened us.


Funniest moment in Camogie?

With UCC there’s just been too many. From warming up to “”Cotton Eye Joe”” in Belfast to Mary O’Connor’s quality quotes!! Funniest moment though is last year during one of our final training sessions before the Ashbourne weekend. Just finished our session Aoife Murray gathers the team in for quick talk about upcoming plans:-

Aoife: So girls any questions?
Sarah Collins: Actually Aoifeàwhat is this Lisbon Treaty all about?????


Person you least like to sit beside in changing room?

Siobhan McGrathàsit beside her once and the girl won’t stop calling for tea!!


If you could change one thing about Camogie what would it be?

Organise translators for foreign (northern) players!!


Sporting Motto or what advice would you give to young players?

You get out of life, what you put into it!! (It’s the exact same for sport!!)


If there was a transfer market in college Camogie who would you transfer in and out?

Sarah Collins or Grace Dunphy would be goneàgirls those shorts ye produce at training just do not work. Who would I get inàis Joe Canning in a wig and a skort allowed?? Actually Lucinda Gahan might try transferring her back in because that girl does be away in the clouds!!

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