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In a new and positive initiative Antrim Camogie are delighted to announce a partnership with Solas. Antrim Camogie recognises an opportunity to offer something to young players that goes beyond their training needs for our game. Antrim Camogie understand how much pressure and stress is out there for members in different areas of their lives and the strain that is sometimes felt.  Antrim Camogie understands that there is a necessity to make our members aware that there is help available and where to turn to in times of hardship and have devised a partnership with Solas.

Solas is a charity that provides practical and accessible help to people to improve their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Although based in North Antrim their services are open to all of the county and they are keen to reach to different areas.
Solas support those suffering from stress, anxiety, loneliness, depression and addiction. They can also help individuals and families going through relationship breakdown, traumatic change or loss. Solas offers many different services, below are just an example of those.
:  One-to-One Support (through a trained counsellor or befriender)
:  Referral and Signposting (through other mental and emotional health agencies)
:  Community Training and Awareness
Solas will be devising a training course for our members, initially aged 14 to 17. The training aims to provide advice and tools to help individuals to improve their own emotional wellbeing along with information and awareness of their physical wellbeing i.e. the reality of alcohol and drugs and will be specific to this age group.
It is anticipated that the course will be run in venues across Antrim i.e. North Antrim, South West Antrim and South Antrim, giving all our members the opportunity to attend. More details of what the course entails and dates will be given soon. Our first venture however will be an event for this age group with an upcoming `band night` to take place at the end of June where special guests will also be in attendance. It is anticipated that eight teenage bands will attend this night and Antrim Camogie encourage anyone who is in or knows of a band that would be interested in playing on the night to get in contact with Antrim Camogie Board through your respective club or any County Officer with contact details on homepage. 
Antrim Camogie will have the `Solas` logo and contact details permanently on the homepage of Antrim Camogie and urge members to contact them if they are feeling or going through any of the above for that much needed help and support. You can find out more by visiting the website of Solas on
More detailed information will be given in due course and we would like to take this opportunity to welcome `Solas` to Antrim Camogie.
*Information c/o Antrim Camogie Board 

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