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Cam¾g-aerobics is a pilot programme organised by the Camogie Association in conjunction with Sylane Camogie club, a newly formed club in Galway. This programme was organised for adult ladies in the area who have never played before, many of whom have a daughter playing with Sylane Camogie Club at present.


The Cam¾g-aerobic sessions were held every Tuesday night for six weeks previous to St. Patricks day. The programme consisted of the basic skills of the game combined with aerobic fitness work. Cam¾g-Aerobic participants played their very first game of Camogie outdoors on St. Patrick’s day in the newly opened Belclare Community Astroturf with husbands and family shouting them on.


Due to the success of the programme and the æcraic’ enjoyed by all, the group have continued to play outdoors all summer. Instead of dropping their daughters off at training, they now too take a hurley in their hand and enjoy the sport of Camogie. This initiative has been very successful in recruiting volunteers who now help with teams in the club and with fundraising etc. It is hoped that this initiative can be run in other new clubs to increase volunteers and interest in the game.


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