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The Camogie Association are delighted to announce the launch of our new Coach Learning & Development Podcast.
The Coaching Bubble” will discuss all areas of coaching from all sports and will be of benefit for coaches of all levels.
Each week there will be new guests with different coaching and sporting backgrounds. The goal of The Coaching Bubble podcast is learning. We aim to offer new and experienced coaches with advice and tips for their own coaching.
We aim to offer an interesting, entertaining podcast in which our listeners can take something away from each episode. 
There will be ten episodes in our first season, one episode will be uploaded every Monday at 4pm to The Coaching Bubble on Soundcloud. 

Promote and support by following, sharing, subscribing and of course listening to the podcast.
You can follow the Podcast on Twitter and also on Soundcloud
For more information on the Podcast contact Niall Williams at


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