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Camogie Association Retention Competition

Wed 11th Nov

Sarah Stanley


Think you have a great idea to keep girls involved in Camogie?

Show us to be in with a chance to win €300 for your school!


  • Transition year PPS school student
  • Individual or group entry within a school (Female and mixed schools)
  • All island


School term Sept 2020 – Dec 2020


Example Entry topics

“My friend has stopped coming training/participating in Camogie, what can I/we do?”

What does Retention/Drop Out mean to teenager?

How can the Camogie Association better support the players and volunteers?


How to enter

Choose from one of the two entry categories below:

  1. Written Report (max 1,000 words)
    1. Cover page – School Name; Entrants; Title; Date submitted
    2. Introduction of the idea (250)
    3. Methods that could be used to put your idea into practice (350)
    4. Results/Recommendations – What you would hope to achieve with your idea (400)


  1. Video Production (max 2 mins)
    1. Interviews with school mates/friends/clubmates who play and don’t play Camogie
    2. Focus Groups/Case Study of girls who may have stopped playing OR are still playing OR who would like to play and how you could help
    3. Clubs/schools/ players/coaches/parents/peers to get their opinions on how to help keep girls playing Camogie


Please complete the following Project Cover Form and submit it to the email below along with your report or video.

Once you have completed your report/video, send your entries to the Camogie Association at


Closing date for Entries is December 10th 2020


Competition Rules/Guidelines

  1. Entries can be submitted by and individual or a group.
  2. Any work undertaken by competition entrants and participants must be done in full compliance with current COVID 19 public health guidelines
  3. Competitions entrants and participants must consent to content created being used for educational and promotional purposes by the Camogie Association
  4. Competitions entrants and participants must be aged between 12 and 19 years old (inclusive)
  5. School must be notified re entry to this competition
  6. The project cover form must be signed by member of the school’s faculty.
  7. All submitted entries must meet minimum format for entry i.e. 1000 words or 2 min video
  8. All entries must be received by the closing date. Entries submitted after this date will not be accepted
  9. Winning entry will be decided by a judging panel appointed by the Camogie Association and by public vote
  10. Official winning entry will receive €300 voucher to develop Camogie within the school

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