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Camogie speakers at the GAA National Games Development Conference 

Wexford player Kate Kelly and triple All Ireland winning manager JJ Doyle spoke at the GAA National Games Development Conference in Croke Park on Saturday January 12th.
Their topic was ‘Team Preparation- a comparison of a Managers and Players perspective’.
Kate, an All Star recipient in 2012 spoke from a players perspective about individual responsibility in relation to:
? Mental preparation (goal setting, mental toughness, visualisation and self – confidence)
? Physical preparation (physical fitness, sports nutrition, the importance of sleep and injury prevention)
? Skills preparation (practise of skills, team play and technique)
She also spoke about general preparation in relation to lifestyle balance and the importance of nutrition and match day preparation.
JJ spoke, on how as a manager you have overall responsibility as opposed to the individual responsibilities associated with each individual player. The manager needs to focus on the entire squad and the backroom team. JJ spoke under three specific headings
? Initial Planning- He spoke about goal setting and how to achieve goals and preparation for the season
? Relationship with Players- JJ stressed how important it is to build relationships with players for mutual respect. He also spoke about diet, nutrition, rest and injury prevention and the role of a manager to have experts speak to the team in areas that the manager may not be an expert in. JJ insisted that communication is key as a manager and the importance of having two way communication with players.
? Flexible Approach- In this section JJ spoke about how important it is as a manager to think outside the box and constantly evaluate as the year goes on and adapt to challenges that arise. Following their presentations a Q&A session followed.
It was clear from the contributions of JJ Doyle and Kate Kelly, that Wexford have left no stone unturned in relation to their preparation over the years and have earned the silverware as a result. 
“Everybody has a will to win.  What's far more important is having the will to prepare to win”
Armagh ‘Caman Get A Grip’ Foundation course.
Twenty-three Armagh coaches took part in the first part of the Camogie Association’s ‘Caman Get A Grip’ Foundation course which was held in St Patrick's College Armagh on Wednesday January 16th. The modules covered on the first night include the Role of the Coach, The Hurley & Grips and Skill Development of basic skills. All the coaches will be using the coaching skills they gained when they complete the course on Thursday January 24th. 
Dublin U16 Camogie held a Performance camp on January 5th & 6th in Ballymun Kickhams. 60 girls were put through their paces by a host of highly skilled and qualified coaches.The girls were coached for 4 hours each day on all aspects of the game.
Included in their sessions was:
a) Philly Mc Mahon – strength and conditioning
b) Mark & Paul McManus – Tackling
c) Nollaig Ryan – 1st Touch
d) Brian Lawlor – Defensive play

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