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The Camogie Association is delighted to launch its Camogie Injury Prevention Programme through a series of videos which are now available online on the Association's YouTube Channel
The Injury Prevention Programme has been developed by the Association's Player Welfare Co-ordinator Paul O'Donovan who said: "In 2018, the Camogie Association, in partnership with DCU, conducted its first national survey of self-reported injuries.
"Knee and ankle ligament injuries and hamstring strains were the key injuries identified. Knee injuries accounted for the greatest proportion of overall injuries and more often required surgery and extended periods of time (>6 weeks) off from play.
"One of the key recommendations from this research identified the need for the introduction of an appropriate Injury Prevention Programme to help reduce injury risk in Camogie players. The 'Activate Warm -Up' has been identified as an appropriate Injury Prevention Programme for implementation in Camogie which is outlined in this series of videos.
"The Injury Prevention Programme consists of three phases. Phase 1 involves running, cutting and landing mechanics. Phase 2 involves strength, plyometric and balance exercises and Phase 3 involves sport specific agility and power exercises."
Check out the Camogie Injury Prevention Programme videos here:

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