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NAME: Karen McMullan
AGE: 22
COLLEGE: University of Ulster Jordanstown
COURSE: Sport and Exercise Science

What are your ambitions for camogie this season?

To have a successful weekend at the Ashbourne with Jordanstown.
With Down it would be trying to build on last year’s National League success and hopefully compete at the All Ireland stages.

The Ashbourne weekend will soon be upon us, how do you rate your chances?

I am firm believer that on the match day anything can happen. In UUJ there is a huge amount of talent and the players have been working hard since early October so we have every chance of being successful. It’s all about mental attitude and having the confidence in your team.

Do you find it hard to dedicate time to camogie and study?

I have found it a lot tougher being able to juggle both in my final year but it’s all about being able to managing your time. The trainings are only a few hours per week so there’s plenty of time to study!!

Who is your toughest opponent?

Last year we played UCC and I was marking Orla Cotter. Let’s just say I didn’t exactly see much of the ball! With county it would be Jane Adams.

What player do you most admire?

Mairin McAleenan

You have been involved in many great teams and done so much but what is your proudest achievement?

Winning the 2 All Ireland medals with my club Liatroim Fontenoys.

Funniest moment in Camogie?

Would have to be our UUJ goalie Mallon in Cork last year. Enough said.

Person you least like to sit beside in changing room?

Emma McCormick- Nervous Wreck!

If you could change one thing about Camogie what would it be?

Promote its awareness by teaming up with TG4 so show coverage of live games. If we want to promote the sport we need give the youth the chance to watch matches on TV.


Sporting Motto or what advice would you give to young players?

There’s no I in team.

If there was a transfer market in college Camogie who would you transfer in and out?

Would have to totally transfer out Paula Gribben. As quoted by Fionnuala Carr “”she lives on a completely different planet to everyone else””. Also Eleanor Mallon would have to go because she misses training to drink in the union bar.

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