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The uncertainty in the aftermath of the Brexit shenanigans has had an impact on Ireland already, even if the full extent of what might result is a long way from being clear yet.
The financial markets responded negatively to Britain’s decision to leave the EU and as an employee of fund services company State Street, Denise Gaule might have been expected to be in a tizzy about the entire issue.
One doesn’t get the impression from talking to her that the 25-year-old does ‘tizzy’ however, but even if she might be predisposed in that manner, there are a couple of reasons why it isn’t happening now.
The first, most significant one is that she works in the regulatory department in Kilkenny and has been completely unaffected.
The other, is that she will be leaving the job next month to prepare for a complete change in direction, returning to college to study building services and engineering.
“My father has a company, Glencalan Engineering in Waterford” explained Gaule earlier this week.
“He was asking me to think about coming and doing it, so I decided it would be a nice change. I’m excited to go back as well. I’m looking forward to it.”
These are exciting times all around for Gaule then, with Kilkenny already having a National League pennant tucked away and having made the knockout stages of the Liberty Insurance All-Ireland Senior Championship.
It is 22 years since the O’Duffy Cup was bedecked in black and amber though. In the intervening period, Kilkenny have lost six Finals. Gaule and the majority of her teammates have been involved in the last three of those and getting her hand on an elusive medal is definitely the priority for this squad.
The legendary Ann Downey is back in the fold as manager, having provided Gaule with her Senior debut in 2009.
Downey was captain when Kilkenny last claimed ultimate honours in 1994 and is desperate for that stat to be wiped out. She has roped some of Camogie’s greatest – her sister Angela and former teammate Breda Holmes – in as she attempts to cover all the bases.
A tough operator on the pitch, Downey doesn’t hold back off it either.
“You wouldn’t get away with slacking off with Ann. She wouldn’t be shy in telling you anything but at least you know where you stand. You’d prefer that from someone not giving you any bit of feedback.
“She wants it for us so much, as much as we want it for ourselves. She has Angela in helping us out and Breda Holmes… between them they have buckets of medals and it’s great.”
When they lost the All-Ireland seven years ago, everyone thought given their youth, that it would only be a matter of time before they would cross the line.
“I suppose we did ourselves. But we’re still young. Most of the panel is around 25. We’re more experienced. It’s a long time without winning but we’ll keep plugging away.”

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