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Dublin are quite literally pointing the way, with two of the capital’s players hitting the first ever (reported) scores direct from a sideline cut.
Earlier this year, the Camogie Association adopted the rule that if a player scores directly from a sideline cut, her team will be awarded two points for the score. The move provides an incentive for coaches and players alike to perfect this superb skill and also adds an extra dimension to the game. Until recently, there have been no reported accounts of direct scores from this. 
Nadine Murphy of the St. Vincent’s Camogie Club became the first player in Dublin to score from a side-line cut while representing Dublin in the Inaugural Cooper All Ireland Blitz on September 15th against Galway.
Meanwhile, Anne Griffin of Ballyboden St Enda’s made a piece of camogie history when she pointed a sideline cut against Naomh Uinsionn in the OZO Senior 1 Championship final played at Naomh Peregrine’s earlier this month. Anne is the first senior adult camogie player to successfully execute this skill.

Congratulations to both Nadine and Anne!

*Pictured Nadine Murphy of St. Vincent’s who scored two points direct from a sideline cut

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