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First female Gaelic Games organisation to use point technology system.
The Camogie Association have confirmed that Hawk-Eye will be in use for the upcoming Liberty Insurance All-Ireland Camogie Finals on Sunday September 13th in Croke Park. 
Hawk-Eye provides real-time imagery on the stadium’s big screen of a ball’s trajectory over the posts, to remove any ambiguity over whether a point was scored or missed. It detects points only using eight high speed cameras with both ball and posts tracked in real time. The system will also provide data on the fastest ball speed in each half of the game. A motion to use the system was approved at the Association’s Congress in March. 
Hawk-Eye Technology system points of information:
The system will come into play when an umpire makes a “box” signal with their hands to indicate to the referee that a request for Hawk-Eye is being sought. The referee seeks a Hawk-Eye review via the communication system and makes a “box” signal with their hands. The Hawk-Eye replay is shown on the Big Screen. The referee confirms Hawk-Eye decision and indicates and awards either a “point” or a miss i.e. a wide or a ‘45’. Umpire signals the decision. The decision will be communicated in virtual reality replay of point, on the big screen and on TV.
If an umpire does not make a decision on whether a point has been awarded and play continues, then a review official will communicate to the referee that a Hawk-Eye review is necessary.
If an umpire makes an incorrect decision (point or wide), the review official communicates to the referee that a Hawk-Eye review is necessary.
If the Big Screen is unavailable all decisions will be announced to spectators via the PA system. If for any reason, the Hawk-Eye result is unavailable, the final decision of “point” or “wide” will be made by the match officials and an appropriate graphic indicating the same will be shown on the big screen. 

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