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The Camogie Association recognises the role we play in the support of the health and wellbeing of females in Ireland. In conjunction with the GAA Healthy Club Project, we aim to make the broader Gaelic Games family a healthier place for everyone to enjoy.
Competition Details
The month of October is the Camogie Association Month for Health and Wellbeing. As part of this campaign we are running a competition to recognise the best Healthy Club Project run between Tuesday 1st October and Sunday 27th October. The winning club will have the opportunity to run a nutrition workshop including a cookery demonstration, a Samaritans positive mental health workshop and a Bodywhys workshop promoting positive body image. The criteria for entry are as follows:
  • The club must be registered with the Camogie Association
  • The Health and Wellbeing initiative must be run between Tuesday 1st October and Sunday 27th October
  • The club must complete the competition entry form
  • The initiative must be related to Health and Wellbeing and it should improve the clubs status as a healthy club, based on the principles outlined above
  • The club must design and submit an infographic (outlining the major impact of the initiative) to the Player Welfare Co-ordinator in the Camogie Association by 31st October. This infographic should be promoted on club social media channels.
  • Closing date for entry – Friday 27th September at 5:00pm
  • For further information please contact Paul O’Donovan (Player Welfare Co-ordinator) via email ( or phone 086 7961863
To register for this competition please click HERE
What is a Healthy Club?
The GAA Healthy Club Project have outlined the following principles that they feel underpin a healthy club:
  • They recognise health and wellbeing as a core value.
  • They view health as something holistic – incorporating physical, mental, social and spiritual wellbeing.
  • They seek to make their club as healthy an environment as possible.
  • They are community clubs that aim to extend their health and wellbeing influence beyond their membership.
  • They are inclusive clubs.
  • They work in partnership to build stronger, more connected communities.


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