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How to Change the Colour of your Skorts

Fri 24th Mar

Gill Waters


The Camogie Associations recent Player Welfare Research Report found that the predominant colour Camogie players reported having for their club skorts is black (24.1%), however 11.6% said their skorts are white.

When asked to rate their level of agreement with the following statement “Dark coloured skorts would make me more comfortable playing camogie when I am on my period.” 82.8% of players “strongly agreed” or “agreed”. Players going out to play sport should not have to fear leaking through white or light colour uniform when on their period. The comfort and security of players is of upmost importance and with that in mind all units are encouraged to change to a dark coloured skort.

Below is some guidance for clubs and counties on how this can be done.


Club constitution outlines the club colours. If a club wishes to use a skort colour outside of the constitution, a motion needs to be passed by the club executive/members at an EGM. Clubs should decide on a dark colour for their skorts and the Club Executive must inform their County Board as per Rule 5.4.

Rule 5.4. Before 31st March each year, each Club must affiliate to the County Board by providing the board with: a. a list of its registered members; b. the required affiliation/membership fee; c. club colours; and d. proof of insurance

Rule 5.6. No two Clubs in the same County will have similar colour details. The Club whose colours have been longest affiliated will be entitled to retain these colours. In the event of a clash of colours by clubs in competition within the County, the longest established club will retain their colours.


County bye-laws outline county colours. If a county wishes to use a skort colour outside of the bye-laws, a motion needs to be passed by the county board at an EGM. The County Board must inform the Provincial Board  as per Rule 6.5.

Rule 6.5. Before 30th April each year, each County Board will affiliate to the Provincial Council by providing the Council with: a. an electronic list(s) of registered members within the County. The county Secretary’s printed signature must accompany each list; b. the required affiliation/membership fees; and c. details of County colours




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