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Implications of Meaningful Playing Time Motions Passed at Congress 2024

Fri 03rd May

Tara Gleeson


Camogie Congress 2024 was held on the 5th and 6th April 2024 at the Westgrove Hotel in Clane, Co. Kildare, with a total of 150 attendees including representatives from counties, provincial councils, and international units. Following extensive research, resulting in the publication of the recent Meaningful Playing Time Report in February 2024, several motions were brought to Congress for consideration.

Two motions were put forward and approved regarding the number of substitutes permitted at underage intercounty games, adult club games, and underage club level. The first of these motions aimed to increase playing opportunities for players by allowing eight substitutes in underage intercounty games and adult club games.

The amendment to this rule (Playing Rule 5.1) will result in three additional players being able to participate in each underage intercounty and adult club games, potentially equating to 300 more playing opportunities across ten teams playing ten games.

Additionally, there will now be an unlimited number of substitutes permitted in underage club level games. This will remove the barrier previously faced by coaches that allowed only a limited number of players to play a game and be substituted. This change could potentially create 500 more playing opportunities if five extra players are able to participate in ten clubs across ten games.

Both rule amendments are set to take effect on 6th May, 2024.

Other motions brought forward at Congress focused on recent research regarding Meaningful Playing Time. One significant change is the amendment to Rule 28.4, which prohibits players from competing in higher age categories at intercounty level.

Starting from 1st January 2025, U14 players will no longer be allowed to participate in U16 intercounty teams, with similar restrictions for U16 players on U18 teams and U18 players on adult intercounty teams in Tier 1 counties. This rule will be implemented in Tier 2 counties from 1st January 2026, and in Tier 3 counties from 1st January 2027. These changes aim to provide age-appropriate opportunities for players to represent their intercounty teams, while also preventing burnout and promoting development of Camogie within counties.

These decisions represent a significant advancement in promoting meaningful player participation and fostering a lifelong engagement with Camogie.

Read the full rule changes briefing document HERE.

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