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Key Signals to know for the young Referee

Sat 02nd May

Sarah Stanley


The most important element to be a good Camogie referee is knowing the rules and understanding how to apply them. No one would ever question this. However, almost as important to good officiating is the use of clear, consistent and precise signals.

The value of good signals should never be underestimated. Signals are an extremely important means to communicate for referees. Signals help contribute to the smooth running of the game of Camogie.

In any game situation, the players, coaches, supporters and fellow team of officials need to understand the call. The better your signal delivery the more likely your decision will be accepted by players, coaches and spectators. This is because you will come across as accurate and decisive.

There are many signals that referees must know. However, for the young referee here are just a few of the key ones.


  1. Advantage

Advantage Rule Camogie


  1. Catching the sliotar with both hands


  1. Charging of obstruction with the hurley


  1. Chop down


  1. Deliberate Shoulder


  1. Foul and Directional Signal


  1. Hop the sliotar in the hand


  1. Push in the back


  1. Temporary substitution


  1. To cover or lie deliberately on the ball


  1. Use of hurley or hand around the opponent

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