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Kildare Under 16 Division 2 League Final

Kill: 5-1   Nurney 2-3

It was a good clean game played with gusto and enthusiasm from both sides.

The Kill team was the fastest to settle into the match and showed very quick reflexes to get their first goal two minutes after throw in. A second goal less then five minutes later saw Kill gain the momentum and the upperhand.  The Nurney defence had no answers for the accuracy and skill of the Kill mid field and forwards which saw three more goals and a point added to the score line before half time. Outstanding performances from Grainne Temple, Sarah Cullen, Alison Hyland, Katie Nolan and Megan Casserl contributed to a fantastic team performance from Kill to which Nurney had dig deep to find answers.  An excellent point from play by Lorna Merrins from Nurney slightly softened the blow as the half time whistle went to see the score at 5-01 to 0-01.

The second half was hotly contested as the Nurney girls settled into the game and began the big fight back.  The skill and determination from both sides led to a fantastic contest with great performances from all corners to the field.  Nurney gradually gained the upper hand scoring two goals and two points while keeping Kill scoreless for the half. Joanna Hartnett in the Nurney goal had a brilliant game and kept the team in the game when the pressure was on.  Fantastic performances from Paula Lambert, Laura Furlong, Lorna Merrins and Louise Higgenbotham lifted the Nurney girls who had to work hard to try to reduce the deficit.  It proved too little too late as gutsy performances from the Kill defence maintained their lead to the final whistle.  The weather also took a turn for the worst which meant that we had rain, hail, snow and beautiful sunshine over the half. 

Katie Nolan, Emily Mullen, Megan Casserl, Alison Hyland, Shona Bradley, Grainne Temple, Emma Jane Hennessey(2-0), Niamh Sheedy, Sarah McCarthy, Sarah Nolan, Sinead O’Brien(2-0), Ciara O’Brien, Amy McCormack, Cliona Kenley, Megan Suthcliff(1-1)

Joanna Hartnett, Aoife Dowdall, Natasha Breen, Emer Higgembotham, Aisling Howard, Laura Furlong, Louise Higgenbotham, Lorna Merrins(0-3), Ciara Merrins(1-0), Aoife Merrins(1-0), Rebecca Casey, Sarah O’Malley, Phillipa Cains, Claire Reilly, Katie Mulholland, Katie O’Connor, Katie Fullam, Sophie Flemming, Catriona Heffernan, Paula Lambert

Joan O’Flynn, Kildare, PRO.

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