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NAME: Leah Weste
AGE: 20
COLLEGE: Mary Immaculate
COURSE: Bachelor of Education- primary teaching
POSISTION: half forward or half back

What are your ambitions for camogie this season?
To try and make the step up to the Cork Senior camogie team and win the Senior County with my club Ballincollig. I would like to win the All-Ireland with the Cork Intermediates this year-last year we were very unlucky. I’m asking for a lot but you have to aim high!

The Purcell weekend will soon be upon us, how do you rate your chances?                                                

I think we have a very skillful team who can go the whole way and going by our trainings I think we should go far, our aim is to go a step further than last year which is to win the Purcell Cup.

Do you find it hard to dedicate time to camogie and study?
Not really after college or studying I think there’s nothing better than going out on the pitch. Camogie gives you a break from study so I try my best to manage both equally.

Who is your toughest opponent?
Definitely marking Briege Corkery last year she does not stop haha!

What player do you most admire?
Ohh em retired players have to be Brian Corcoran and Fiona O Driscoll-heroes. Players with the skill of Jessica Gill, Henry Shefflin and Briege can’t be overlooked and Kate Lynch is an unbelievable player to play with but for inspiration I always look at Muhammed Ali. 

You have been involved in many great teams and done so much but what is your proudest achievement?
My club means everything to me and we made a pact four years ago to get the club out of Junior B and up Senior and that’s exactly what we did, we have finally made it Senior level within our time limit. We’ve made history in our club which I think is the most rewarding accomplishment.

Funniest moment in Camogie?
Last year myself and a team mate before the Purcell weekend had circuit training and arrived up for the weekend fairly stiff and not up to physical standard-our trainer Eamon Cregan was not happy. We had the League final on April Fools Day and we decided to play a joke on him telling him we had done the same thing and couldn’t play. He hit the roof and was giving out to us we left him at it for a few minutes before we told him we were jokingàhe took it “”very well”” haha ada boy Eamo!!

Person you least like to sit beside in changing room?
Kate Lynchàshe can never stay quiet and when she does she makes me nervous!

If you could change one thing about Camogie what would it be?
The lack of support and coverage it gets. Camogie has changed a lot over the years and I think it deserves more exposure.

Sporting Motto or what advice would you give to young players?
Attitude is everything! Have the right attitude and aims and your one step closer to success. Always try your best because not trying is worse than failing.

If there was a transfer market in college Camogie who would you transfer in and out?
I couldn’t change the Mary I team we are a close team from a small selectionàalthough I wouldn’t say know to Orla Cotter and ßine Lyng.

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