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Tipperary's Jill Horan, All Ireland winner and All Star midfielder chats Camogie superstitions and her highs and lows in the county jersey in our weekly Liberty Insurance Championship Question Time
Q. What is your hometown?
A. Drangan, County Tipperary
Q. How long have you been playing Camogie?
A. 18 years
Q. What is your favorite part of playing Camogie?
A. Playing on a team & being part of a team
Q. What position do you play?
A. Mid-field
Q. What pitch is your favorite to play on?
A. Semple Stadium
Q. What was your biggest achievement?
A. Winning the Senior All-Ireland in 2004 against Cork
Q. What match are you always looking forward to?
A. First round of the championship as it’s the start of the summer
Q. What was your lowest point while playing Camogie?
A. Missing out on championship two years ago due to injury
Q. What is your ultimate goal in Camogie?
A. To help Tipperary be successful again 
Q. Who is your favorite Sports Woman?
A. Katie Taylor. I really admire her discipline
Q. What part of the year is the most exciting for you?
A. September when the All-Ireland Final is in Croke Park
Q. What is your favorite holiday?
A. A Ski holiday
Q. Favorite Holiday Spot?
A. Italy
Q. Advice for young Camogie players?
A. Practice as much as possible and listen to your coaches
Q. Favorite Movie?
A. The Godfather
Q. Favorite Music?
A. Snow Patrol
Q. Sports event you most want to see?
A. The soccer World Cup
Q. Do you have any superstitions?
A. I have the same skort I wore in the 2004 All-Ireland Final and I wear it for every game.
Q. If you could change anything about Camogie, what would it be?
A.To get rid of the hand pass goal and playing the hurl

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