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Dear Friend in Camogie ,

Joan O’Flynn, has confirmed that her first visit to Britain as President of Camogie Association will be at pivotal gathering for Camogie In Britian – Our future in Our hands – on 27th June 2009 London – Camden Irish Centre Murray St London 12 pm – 4 pm.

The conference is aimed at developing camogie in Britain with input from current members, past supporters of Camogie including all players, coaches, and fans. Camogie Association wants to hear your views.

The Camogie Association and GAA Games Development Project in Britain want to build on current interest in Camogie develop new and emerging clubs throughout Britain and support established clubs, university teams and schools. The focus is on supporting clubs and people that are able to increase people playing Gaelic Games and Camogie in their local communities leading up to 2012.

The support of Joan O’Flynn, President of Camogie for this initiative presents a unique opportunity to grow Camogie in Britain. Representation from Ladies Gaelic Football and from British GAA and the men’s game is also welcomed at “”Our future in our hands”” Conference. Recent research by London Camogie Development Committee supports men and women involved in Gaelic Games working closer to achieve increased funding and provide more support for Gaelic Games and Camogie in Britain

If you know people who are currently involved in Camogie in Britain or have been active in the past with playing, organising or supporters of Camogie
Please pass on this message and do your bit to promote Camogie.

In particular participation from people involved in Camogie in Midlands, Lancashire, Bedfordshire, Gloucestershire, Scotland and Wales are encouraged, as these locations have had a recent history in promoting Camogie.

Entrance to the conference is free, there will be some catering at the event so all interested people are encouraged to pre register in advance by emailing their details to

Saturday June 27th Camden Irish Centre – Murray Street Camden London 12 pm – 4 pm

Thank you for your support,

Claire Hedderman
London Camogie Development Committee

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