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March & April Focus – Equality, Inclusion and Diversity

Wed 03rd Mar

Sarah Stanley


As Spring begins the Camogie Association are launching a number of new Equality, Inclusion and Diversity training sessions for our volunteers.

This training will include LGBTQ+ awareness specifically targeted for players, coaches/parents/teachers and children’s officers and these sessions will be facilitated by ShoutOut.

The following workshops will take place:

Wednesday 31st March 7pm
LGBTQ+ Training for Children’s Officers
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Wednesday 14th April 7pm
LGBTQ+ Training for Players/Young Adults/Youth
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Wednesday 28th April 7pm
LGBTQ+ Training for Coaches/Parents/Teachers
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We will also be providing training from CARA sport inclusion on disability and autism in sport inclusion.

The following workshops will take place:

Tuesday 6th April 7pm
Sport Inclusion & Disability Awareness
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Tuesday 22nd April 7pm
Disability Inclusion Training
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Tuesday 4th May 7pm
Autism in Sport
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