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‘Our Sport, Our Future’: Camogie Association launches new dynamic 4-year plan
– 4-year strategy designed to grow awareness and participation levels
– 2016-2019 plan includes targets around on- and off-pitch matters
– Camogie Association will integrate further with the GAA 
– Developing commercial partnerships key to its future
– Plan launched on 2016 AIB All-Ireland Camogie Club Finals day
The Camogie Association has unveiled a fresh national development plan, outlining a four-year vision for the future of the game with growth and development at the heart of the agenda both on and off the pitch.
Entitled ‘Our Sport, Our Future’, the plan is a result of a lengthy consultative process between the Camogie Association and its many stakeholders, including eighty per cent of its membership – its players.
The feedback received has led to a series of targets designed to secure a more modern and sustainable future for Camogie as part of the wider Gaelic games family.
In particular, the Association intends to place a greater emphasis on commercial partnerships and promotions designed to raise awareness of the game and encourage more girls and young women to take part.
‘Our Sport, Our Future’ was launched at Croke Park on Sunday March 6th, ahead of the 2016 AIB All-Ireland Camogie Club Finals, with four main elements to the plan: On the Pitch; Off the Pitch; In the Public Eye; Strengthening Relationships. Work has already begun in a number of the areas identified, with all targets scheduled for completion or to be established by 2019.
Presenting the plan, Camogie Association President, Catherine Neary, said the main purpose of the strategy was to ensure that Camogie moves with the current trends as a sports organisation and remains at the forefront of women’s sport in Ireland.
“With this national development plan, the aim is to build a prosperous and high-profile future for Camogie without letting go of the game’s proud heritage and history,” she said. “We want to make sure Camogie remains as a strong voice within the national sporting conversation, and part of an inclusive Gaelic games family into the future.
“The plan today is a product of a huge analysis process undertaken by the Association with its stakeholders. The opportunity to collect both positive and negative feedback by those most invested in the game has ensured that we can work more collaboratively on delivering on and addressing any issues that exist over the next four years,” she said.
The four year plan intends to place a greater emphasis on its current and future players to help raise Camogie’s profile for future generations.
“Promoting the game is a key part of the plan, and we’re really keen to leverage the profile of individual players by positioning them as role models at a local and national level for girls and young women who might like to take up the game,” Neary added.
“Developing new commercial partnerships will also play a part in promoting Camogie. In recent years the game has benefited hugely from the involvement of sponsors like AIB and Liberty Insurance, and I think there’s a lot of other brands out there looking at the growth and the potential of Camogie and thinking that is somewhere they’d like to be.
“Change is also firmly on the agenda, and we have committed to a series of organisational and structural changes that are designed, ultimately, to benefit clubs and players,” she said. “The more support we can give our players, the happier they will be and the more new recruits we will attract to Camogie – that’s what we are working towards.”
Under the terms of the four-year plan, the Camogie Association will also seek to integrate more closely with other members of the GAA including the Ladies Gaelic Football Association, on matters relating to administration, promotion and overall development. The Association confirmed that a facilitator will oversee the formation and integration process which will be measured by the number of clubs adopting the ‘One Club‘ model.
“We’re proud to be part of the GAA family and we’re very happy to work closely with our fellow members where the overall aim is to benefit the game of Camogie,” said Catherine Neary. “That work has already started and it will help to deliver a bright future for everyone connected with our game.”

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