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As part of our joint approach to Child Safeguarding within Gaelic Games, a new Online Child Safeguarding Programme was recently launched by the National Child Safeguarding Committee.
The Online Safeguarding Programme addresses a long-standing request that we introduce easy to access training as a repeat or refresher programme for those who have previously attended face to face child safeguarding training. 
To participate and complete the online training a participant, i.e. a coach or a person working in a role of responsibility with or for children, must have fulfilled one of the following requirements:
  1.  They must within the last three years have attended a Gaelic Games Child Protection in Sport Awareness Workshop (Safeguarding 1) if they now wish to avail of the on-line programme in preference to attend another face to face repeat workshop, or
  2. The participant having attended a non-Gaelic Games Child Protection Safeguarding 1 Workshop with another Sports Association or a Local Sports Partnership (LSP) must then also undertake the new on-line Child Safeguarding Programme so as to familiarise themselves with our agreed safeguarding policies, procedures and in particular our joint Code of Behaviour (Underage).
  3. The new online training programme is available free of charge by accessing
Within days of its launch the new on-line programme has been acclaimed as one of the most modern, inter active and up to date programmes in the sports sector. It is easy to access and contains the necessary information whether it is completed as a refresher programme or a requirement for those who have attended previous child safeguarding training with another Sports Association (NGB) or an LSP. 
Each participant of the on-line training programme may, following the successful completion of the programme, print their certificate of participation, which is valid for a three-year period, as is all child safeguarding training in the Gaelic Games Associations.
Please note that it is not permitted for any person to commence working with children in the GAA, or in any of our fellow Gaelic Games Associations, without first completing the Gaelic Games Child Protection in Sport Awareness Workshop (Safeguarding 1) or the new on-line Child Safeguarding Programme, as appropriate.  Check out the link at https://learning.
Mandatory Child Safeguarding Training for GAA Club and County Officers The launch of the new on-line child safeguarding programme coincided with the announcement of record-breaking attendances in 2019 at the three levels of Child Safeguarding programmes coordinated by the GAA Children’s Office. 
We currently coordinate the delivery of 3 specific child safeguarding programmes for all of the Gaelic Games Association, soon to be 4 with the introduction of the on-line refresher, as follows:
Safeguarding 1:  Child Protection in Sport Awareness Training
Safeguarding 2: Children’s Officer Training
Safeguarding 3:  Designated Liaison Training Programme
Information on all Child Safeguarding Training Workshops in your County is available from your County Children’s Officer and from
In addition to Safeguarding 1,2 and 3 workshops the GAA Children’s Office can source a tutor for Clubs who wish to avail of the GAA Tackling Bullying Workshop.
The combined number of workshops delivered under Safeguarding 1, 2, and 3 this year is expected to surpass 1,000 far exceeding the numbers delivered in any other sector.
Club and County Children’s Officers This is a timely reminder for Clubs and County Boards that they must, on an annual basis, select a Children’s Officer and a Designated Liaison Person at, or following, their forthcoming Clubs AGMs or County Conventions. Each appointed Officer must attend the training relevant to their roles.
Please note that the Club or County Chairperson automatically assumes the role of DLP, unless a person has been appointed by the relevant Club or County Board to undertake this role.

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