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Congress 2015 ratified a number of new rules and amendments to the Camogie Playing Rules which come into effect on Wednesday, April 29th, 2015.
Some changes are technical terminology but others alter how the game is officiated. 
There is no substantial change as to how the game is played, but some of the main changes are 
as follows:
-A Referee/Umpire may use Hawkeye where it is available to clarify if a score was correct.
-Camogie games may be played on a full size synthetic pitch where available.
-A player may hand pass the sliotar to score.
-Advantage Rule:  Having allowed an advantage to an offended team, the referee may allow the advantage to run by holding her/his arm upright for up to 5 seconds if no advantage occurs she/he may award a free for the original foul, or a subsequent foul committed within the 5 seconds if more advantageous. The Referee shall apply the appropriate sanction for the Foul.
Previously, having allowed an advantage a free could not be awarded for the original foul, the Referee can now allow play continue for 5 seconds and if no advantage accrues a free may be awarded from the spot where the foul occurred OR if the Player is fouled a second time within the 5 seconds in a more advantageous position, the Referee may award a free/penalty  for the second foul and apply the appropriate penalty. 
Click on the attached link to download a copy of the Official Playing Rules of the Camogie Association

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