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Name: Orlaith Duggan
County: Clare
Club: Clooney
What have you learned during this year’s league that can help you during the All-Ireland Camogie Championship?
We’ve learnt that we’re on par with some of the top teams but need to focus on closing out games.
How has your training changed from the start of the year to now as the Camogie Championship approaches?
At the start of the year training would have been a lot longer with more physical training whereas now it’s very much skills focus, short and intense.
Other than your own team, who do you think will do well in this year’s Camogie Championship?
I think Limerick are progressing very well and will definitely be the team to watch in this year’s championship.
Which player do you think will be a star of this year’s Camogie Championship?
Aoife Keane (Clare) is one of the most skilful young players at the moment and definitely one to watch.
Who has been the toughest player you have marked so far in your career?
Deirdre Murphy (ex-Clare camogie) has been the trickiest person I’ve ever marked at club, colleges and county level.
Who in your own team would work the hardest in training and who would dislike training the most?
Maire McGrath loves training and comes to early morning sessions after working night-shifts in Galway.

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