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NAME: Adelle Archibald
AGE: 24
COLLEGE: Queen’s University Belfast
COURSE: Master of Legal Science
POSISTION: Defender 

What are your ambitions for camogie this season?

Our main ambition this year is to win the Purcell cup.  I think we would disappointed with anything less to be honest.

The Purcell weekend will soon be upon us, how do you rate your chances?

It’s always difficult to know.  The competition is fierce and of a very high standard, even making the competition is tough.  We are confident in what we have done ourselves though.  We have a great panel and our managers, Jane and Mairead, are excellent, they have us very well prepared.

Do you find it hard to dedicate time to camogie and study?

On occasion I do.  You need to be organized and I find that really difficult when I’m studying.  I do think training is a good study break though.

Who is your toughest opponent?

I marked Shannon Graham from UUJ a few times this year and I don’t think I’ll mark a better player.  I’ve watched her playing before but I had never played against her.  I think she’s excellent in every respect.

What player do you most admire?

I really admire players like Briege Corkery and Gemma O’Connor who have been so consistent over the years.  I have always looked up to Grainne Mc Goldrick and Jane Carey from my own club and, of course, Jane Adams, not just as a player but also for the athlete that she is.

You have been involved in many great teams and done so much but what is your proudest achievement? 

Probably winning our clubs first ever camogie championship in 2005, we were 12 points down at one stage – I still get goosebumps thinking about that game.



Funniest moment in Camogie?

In our Purcell qualifier Theresa Adams miss hit a free and thought the referee didn’t see her so she lifted it really quickly and attempted to set it up again.  Maybe you just had to be there but it was hilarious at the time.

Person you least like to sit beside in changing room?

I’m not sure, maybe our captain Shauna Jordan because she’s always giving out sponsorship forms and tickets and things to sell!   My favourite person to sit beside is my sister though because she has spare everything.   

If you could change one thing about Camogie what would it be?

I think it deserves a higher profile for the game that it is.  I know there’s a lot of work going on in that respect and I really hope that it all pays off.

Sporting Motto or what advice would you give to young players?

Listen to your managers, don’t give up and I would advise anyone to play college camogie.  It’s a totally unique experience which is so worthwhile.  I have made a lot of really good friends through college camogie.

If there was a transfer market in college Camogie who would you transfer in and out?

I’ll be diplomatic and say I wouldn’t transfer anyone out but I’d definitely bring back Karen Gribben from the poly, not just because she’s class but because I know she misses us a lot!

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