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All Ireland winner and All Star Kate Kelly took part in this week's Liberty Insurance Championship Question-time, ahead of her side's crunch clash with Leinster rivals Kilkenny in Nowlan Park on Saturday at 1.00pm
Q. How long have you played Camogie?
A. 26 years
Q. What is your favourite part of playing Camogie?
A. I enjoy playing the sport and the friendship that goes with it
Q. What position do you play?
A. Mid Field or Forward
Q. What pitch is your favorite to play on?
A. Croke Park or Hollymount 
Q. What was your biggest achievement?
A. Winning the Senior All-Ireland in the last three years and in 2007
Q. What match are you always looking forward to?
A. Looking forward to Championship games to start
Q. What was your lowest point in playing Camogie?
A. Early 2000s when we were struggling with the County team
Q. What is your ultimate goal in Camogie?
A. I’d like to win an All-Ireland and a County Final
Q. Who is your favourite sport ideal?
A. Jessica Ennis-Hill
Q.  Why?
A. She is an all-rounder and does a mix of everything. Has the abilities to adapt to all competitions and excel at them
Q. What part of the year is the most exciting for you?
A. Definitely summer in August and September you get down into the knockout stages, its do or die time
Q. What is your favorite holiday?
A. A ski holiday 
Q.Favourite Holiday Spot?
A. America, Orlando is a nice spot
Q. Advice for young Camogie players?
A. Enjoy it; what you put into it is what you will get out of it.
Q. Favourite Movie?
A. Notting Hill
Q. Favourite Music?
A. I’m fairly easy-going on music so I’ll listen to the trends in pop music
Q. Sport event you most want to see?
A. Olympics
Q. Do you have any superstitions?
A. No, not really
Q. If you could change anything about Camogie, what would it be?
A. More consistent refereeing

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