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Rule amendments and motions adopted at the Camogie Association annual Congress in March of this year have now come into effect as of June 1st. A number of playing proposals were considered at Congress 2012, with particular attention on a motion to award two points if a player scored from a sideline cut. 

The motion was successfully passed and its adoption is seen as a boost to the preservation of one of the sublime skills of the game and also an incentive for players and coaches alike to perfect the art of sideline cuts. 

Amongst myriad changes, teams can now use eight as opposed to five substitutes for league encounters. 
Other rules to come into effect include the team in possession of the ball, at the time of an injury to an opposing player, away from the play, retaining possession by use of an indirect free to restart the game. 
Furthermore, in an effort to highlight the importance of player discipline, referees will now be able to penalise players who deliberately delay the taking of a free or display dissent. 
In the case of the latter, the ball will be moved forward ten metres while in the former, a booking will occur if a player persists in delaying the free.
For a full copy of the Camogie Association Playing Rules click on the link Playing Rules 2012 while to view a copy of the Official Guide click on Camogie Association Official Guide.

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