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In partnership with An Cumann Cam¾gaÝochta na nGael and the Irish Sports Council, CCAO are pleased to announce the Third Level Camogie Scholarships for the 5th consecutive year.
Camogie at Third Level is a unique experience to anyone who has ever been privileged enough to play it. Often the clubs are run by the players themselves and it is simply their love for the game that makes each club survive. Organising, promoting and playing camogie at that age group is very demanding and requires a lot of sacrifice when students are trying to study and achieve a degree and with so many other distractions on top.  In recognition of the time and effort it takes CCAO will reward scholarships to eight deserving students.
The scholarships are available to undergradutes who compete in the Ashbourne Cup, Purcell Cup or Fr Meathar and are aimed at individuals who are not only outstanding on the field of play but who are also dedicated and enthusiastic in their love for our beautiful game and who promote it within their college, county and club.    All scholarship applicants will be required to demonstrate previous and current sporting achievements and have a commitment to continue improving.  All scholarship applicants must be a member of their college camogie club and the college must be a registered member of CCAO. 

The scholarship form will be available to download on the National Camogie website and the Third Level website All forms must be completed and returned by 19th November 2010. 


To download the application form please click below


Please note: Students already in receipt of another 3rd level scholarship will not be considered for a camogie scholarship. 

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