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Successful Start to 2021 M.N.A Programme

Thu 18th Feb

Sarah Stanley


Last Saturday the 13th of February saw the beginning of the M.N.A 2021 journey for nearly 100 registered clubs, with the first of three M.N.A upskilling days.

Due to COVID-19 this event had to be moved to an online setting, however this did not deter from the enthusiasm, interaction or willingness of presenters and participants alike.

The morning was kicked off by the M.N.A servicing officers Sinead O’Regan who welcomed all participants and gave an overview of the upskilling days ahead and the expectations for those who complete the programme.

The first presentation of the day on the ‘’Structure & Organization’’ of the M.N.A programme was delivered by Camogie Technical Development Manager Louise Conlon. This was a very informative piece with plenty of discussion and interaction from participant’s which set the tone for the remainder of the day.

The ‘’Stepping Stones’’ module was then presented by Aideen Howlin who is the Camogie Associations Participation and Retention Coordinator. Aideen explored the idea of recruitment and retention of participants onto the Hurl With Me programme, and participants were then assigned to breakout rooms to discuss differing topics around the recruitment and retention of potential candidates for the M.N.A programme. The interaction and communication of ideas in this segment was excellent.

After a quick morning break Camogie Participation and Growth Co-ordinator Sabrina Larkin delivered her presentation on ‘’Female Influence’’. This section always stands out as an uplifting, invigorating and inspirational part of the M.N.A upskilling and sums up the essence of what the M.N.A programme is attempting to create and carry out. The roleplay element of this module always generates both debate and hilarity in equal measure and Saturday was no different!

After the module concluded, the day was drawn to a close by Louise Conlon who summarized the mornings learnings, addressed some outstanding questions from participants and then thanked all who have begun their M.N.A journeys for their attention & time, and was looking forward to seeing them for day two on the 27th of February.


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