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The Camogie Association Statement

Mon 19th Jun

Gill Waters


The Camogie Association Statement


The Camogie Association was informed this morning of a joint statement by Camogie Association captains, LGFA captains, and the GPA. The GPA shared their State of Play document with the Camogie Association, and on June 14th, 2023, the GPA presented the report to Ard Chomhairle at the invitation of the Camogie Association. The GPA undertook to provide more detailed information on the Camogie data at the request of the Camogie Association.  The concerns outlined in the report were discussed, and it was agreed to consider the more detailed information and identify priority areas to be addressed. The Camogie Association remains available for further discussions and awaits the more detailed information as requested.


Under the current Inter County Government Support Scheme, Inter County Camogie players are eligible for team supports worth up to €14,000 per team, which covers physical and performance support, facilities, nutrition, and gear. Additionally, individual annual expenses funding worth €1,673,571 is available to inter county players, which is divided between teams and players. This is managed through an annual ‘Squad Charter’ process, where county boards, player representatives, and team management jointly sign the plan. The total funding of €5,641,791 for the Inter County Government Support Scheme in 2023 is equivalent to the funding provided to male counterparts on a pro-rata basis, ensuring equal financial support for both codes. As part of the ongoing integration process, a player charter for both male and female codes will be agreed upon in due course.


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