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We are back with Season 2 of our Coaching Bubble Podcast!
With over 20, 000 listeners to Season 1 we promise to bring you more exclusive interviews with some high-profile names in sport.
“The Coaching Bubble” will discuss all areas of coaching from all sports and will be of benefit for coaches of all levels.
Each week there will be new guests with different coaching and sporting backgrounds. The goal of The Coaching Bubble podcast is learning. We aim to offer new and experienced coaches with advice and tips for their own coaching.
There will be ten episodes in Season 2, one episode will be uploaded every Tuesday at 4pm to The Coaching Bubble on Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts & Spotify.
Episode 1 of the Coaching Bubble Podcast was launched on Tuesday 15th October: Matthew Wilkie – Head of Coach Development at Irish Rugby Football Union (IRFU) chats about the process for developing coaches and the importance of the Coach/Athlete relationship.
Episode 2 of the podcast was launched on Tuesday 29th October with Denise Martin: Lecturer in Sports Performance Analysis in the Technological University Dublin. Denise outlines how all coaches can bring the elements of performance analysis to their coaching process and the Importance of Feedback and how it is delivered.
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You can follow the Podcast on Twitter and is available to download on Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts & Spotify.

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