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The Coaching Bubble Podcast Season 4

Wed 13th Oct

Sarah Stanley


Season 4 of the Coaching Bubble Podcast returns on Tuesday, October 19th!

The Sports Coaching Podcast exploring all sports coaching concepts from participation to performance levels. For coaches of all levels and all sports.

The Coaching Bubble Podcast allows coaches to explore all sports through conversations and dialogue about various coaching topics in the coaching world.

With more than 50,000 downloads and 30+ hours of intriguing conversations already available, Season 4 of The Coaching Bubble Podcast is back and better than ever. Your host Stephen Behan is also back and ready to plunge into intriguing conversations that will let you explore the world of coaching.

This year, we are so excited to highlight some of our international featured guests such as Gary Curneen (Women’s Football), Cody Royle (AFL Men’s Team), and Valorie Kondos Field (Gymnastics) as well as our local guests, Eddie O’Sullivan (Rugby), and Jason Ryan (Gaelic Football and Hurling). We are also delighted to also have some of the top academics and coach educators and developers in Season 4.

Come join us on Tuesday, the 19th of October, as the first of 12 episodes is set to be released followed by a new episode every Tuesday!

Make sure to subscribe to our podcasts on Spotify, iTunes and SoundCloud at The Coaching Bubble and follow us on Twitter and Instagram @bubblecoaching for up-to-date news and announcements pertaining to our podcasts!

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