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Trialling of Potential Proposed Changes to Camogie Playing Rules Aims to Enhance Game Flow and Skill

Mon 16th Oct

Gill Waters


The Proposed Playing Rules Committee of the Camogie Association, comprising Liam O’Neill (Chairperson and former GAA president), Aoife Murray (GPA National Executive Committee Secretary & former Cork Camogie player), John Dermody (member of the National Referee Panel) and Louise Keane (Servicing Officer and Player Welfare & Inclusion Officer at the Camogie Association), has completed a comprehensive review of the current Camogie Playing Rules. The committee is pleased to announce a series of potential proposed changes to playing rules which are permitted under rule and are aimed at promoting a “thinking person’s game.” These proposed changes, which will be trialled during the upcoming 2023/2024 season in third-level league fixtures, seek to enhance the flow, skill, and fairness of the game while maintaining player safety.

The committee has identified six key rules for modification or addition, with the intention of gathering feedback and assessing their impact before any permanent implementation. The proposed changes are as follows:

Rule 1: Quick Puck Out

Goalkeepers will now have the option to take a quick puck out after a wide or a score signalled by the referee. However, the goalkeeper must remain within the small parallelogram. Deliberate obstruction of the goalkeeper’s quick puck out will be penalised. Additionally, players from either team will not be required to be outside the 20-meter line for a quick puck out.

Rule 2: Rough Play and Dissent

To encourage fair and physical play, shoulder-to-shoulder contact will now be permitted. Players will be allowed to tackle opponents using shoulder-to-shoulder contact from a side-on position. However, aggressive or cynical contact will remain prohibited. Charging into a player, with or without the sliotar, is strictly not allowed.

Rule 3: Handpass

A clarification has been made to the handpass rule. Players must demonstrate a clear striking action when handpassing the sliotar. Any violation of this rule will result in a free awarded to the opposing team, with the free being indirect.

Rule 4: Sideline Puck

Teams will have the option to take a side line puck from either the hand or the ground when the sideline puck is within their own 45-meter line. If the sliotar crosses the sideline outside the 45m line, the sideline must be taken as a ground puck. A score from a side line puck from the ground is still rewarded with 2 points.  No player must be within 10m of the side line free taker.

Rule 5: Clean Catch

Players can call a Mark from a clean catch past the 45m line from their own team’s puck out only.  The player who catches the ball cleanly on or past the 45m line, must immediately call a mark by holding the sliotar in outstretched arm above their head and will be awarded a Mark by the referee, signalled by the referee’s whistle.  The player awarded a Mark can choose to take a free (indirect) or play on immediately.  If the player takes the free, they must strike it from the hand at the point where the Mark was awarded.  If the player chooses to play on, they may not be challenged until they carry the sliotar up to four consecutive steps or make one act of striking or handpassing the sliotar.  Players can choose not to call a mark.

Rule 6: Concussion Substitute

In the event of a concussion or suspected concussion, teams can make a permanent concussion substitution in addition to regular substitutions. A player who is concussed or has had a suspected concussive incident must leave the field of play immediately (once cleared to move from relevant medical professionals) for medical attention.  The referee has the authority to prevent a player from returning if they believe the player is unfit to play due to concussion. Teams can make multiple concussion substitutions.


Uachtarán of the Camogie Association, Hilda Breslin, said “The trialling of the proposed changes to the Camogie playing rules is a critical step in making sure that our game adapts and continues to excel in skill, speed and excitement. Recent rule changes have transformed the game of Camogie, showcasing our players skills to the highest level. I am delighted that these potential proposed rule changes will be initially trialled at third-level league fixtures in 2023/2024. We welcome constructive feedback from our players, coaches, match officials, and volunteers and these trials will allow us to consider fully the proposed changes before Congress in April 2024 where playing rule changes will be voted upon.  I would like to thank the Playing Rules Review Committee chaired by Liam O Neill for their work and expertise. In addition, thank you to the CCAO for co-operating with these trials which I believe will bring added excitement to their already exceptional competitions”.

The Camogie Association is committed to ensuring that the trialing of these potential proposed changes to playing rules are thoroughly tested and evaluated for their impact on the game. Feedback will be gathered from players, coaches, and officials during the trial period to assess the effectiveness of the modifications. This feedback will play a crucial role in determining whether these changes will be permanently implemented in future seasons.

Download the full set of potential proposed playing rules infographics here.

View and download the full detailed briefing document and FAQs here.


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