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The U16 Wexford team maintained Wexford’s winning streak over the weekend when they beat Kildare 7-14 to 1-1 in McGrath Park, Bagnelstown on Sunday.

Wexford set down their intent right from the off and went on somewhat of a scoring spree with corner forward Shannen Byrne getting them off to a dream start when she found the net in the opening minute.  This was quickly followed by a Marie Claire Morrissey point and goal all in the first two minutes of play.  Morrissey’s goal was cleverly handpassed in past the Kildare keeper after she picked up a lovely pass in from Emma Walsh.  Tara Somers sent a ball accross to Shannen Byrne who found the net again in the 4th minute. 

Kildare tried hard to win possession, but the Wexford girls marked very tightly and applied pressure throughout the field. Kildare’s Graine Temple saw her shot tail wide in the 6th.  Maired Sheehan goaled for Wexford in the 8th when her shot was initially blocked by Kildare keeper Sarah McNiff but Sheehan incercepted the clearance and doubled on it to plant it firmly in the net. Kildare worked hard to try to convert any possesion they won into scores, but the Wexford defence of Kay Mernagh, Clara McGuinness, Siobhan O’Regan, Fiona Donnellan and Shauna Sinnott made it impossible for them to get through. 

Wexford’s Susie McGovern goaled in the 10th with an unstoppable shot that firmly planted the ball in the Kildare net to put Wexford 5-1 to  no score.  Despite a brave attempt by Kildare particularly their midfielders Melissa Lyons and Grainne Temple, Wexford frustrated any attempt they made to get the ball forward.  Wexford continued their dominance and two further points from play by Maire Claire Morrissey, one from Louise Sinnott from a 45 and two from Susie McGovern from play put Wexford firmly in the driving seat.  Kildare did manage a point just on half time from a Grainne Temple free which saw the teams go in at half time Wexford 5-6 Kildare 0-1.

Kildare got off to a bright start in the second half when Sinead Cummins caught Wexford off guard and found the back of the net in the opening minute. It took Wexford a couple of minutes to settle down again but once they did the scores started to come.  Louise Sinnott pointed from a free in the 2nd before Marie Claie Morrissey pointed two minutes later from play. Kildare’s Melissa Lyons saw her attempt caught by keeper Katie Flynn who made some very good saves during the game.  Morrissey found the back of the net again in the 7th when she handpassed the ball in past the Kildare keeper. 

Wexford picked off points with relative ease with Susie McGovern, Maired Sheehan and Tara Somers all scoring from play.  Sheehan scored a fine goal coming up to full time and Wexford found themselves in the first All Ireland final in the U16 age group since 1995 when many of the current Senior players featured.  We wish them the best of luck, they will be playing Waterford and the game is dated for the 9th May.
Wexford:K. Flynn, K. Mernagh, S. O’Regan, C. McGuinness, F. Donnellan, S. Sinnott, N.Murphy, L. Sinnott (0-2), L. Warren, T. Somers,(0-2) M. Sheehan,(2-3) E. Walsh, S. McGovern,(1-3) M.C. Morrissey (2-4), S. Byrne,(2-0) J. Doyle, M.Doran, M. Byrne, L. Hore, S. O’Connell, A. Scallan, M. Lancaster, C. Murphy, K. Cullen, H. Cahill.
Kildare: S.McNiff, K. Devine, S. Bell, P. Cains, L. Campbell, M. O’Neill, L. Doran, M. Lyons, G. Temple,(0-1), N. Wilson, N. McDonagh, L. Flynn, A. Dowdall, s. Cummins,(1-O) N. Berry, G. Hoban, C. Monaghan, L. Furlong, M. Keatley, D. Smullan, R. Duff, S. Murphy, N. Morrison, A. O’Halloran, C. Flynn.
Referee:Donal Ryan Dublin.

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