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Hockey/Camogie Community Relations Project Goes Into Extra Time



A successful community relations project delivered by Ulster Camogie and Ulster Hockey in partnership with local sports clubs in Newtownabbey and Greater Belfast has gone into extra time this week.



A number of the young sportswomen who participated in the “”Yes We Can”” programme are staging a special exhibition match at this year’s Dalriada Festival. The PEACE III funded “”Yes We Can”” programme which ended in March brought together young women who played hockey for Mossley Ladies Hockey Club and those who played camogie for St Enda’s GAC and Bredagh GAC.



Over a period of six months participants learned skills from each other’s sports and took part in a range of personal development and community relations based activities.  Because of the programme a number of those who participated are now playing both codes throughout the year. Their participation in the Dalriada Festival is a legacy of the friendships and relationships that have developed between the young women, their leaders and their Clubs.



Catherine O’Hara, Vice- Chairperson of Ulster Camogie, who helped to develop the project said, “”I am delighted that the Clubs are participating in this year’s Dalriada Festival and are still involved with one another now the programme has ended.  It is a testament to the programme and all those who took part in it that the good work is continuing.  I know all those who attend the festival will enjoy watching them play.””



The Dalriada Festival brings the best of sport, music, food and culture to the Antrim Coast and is a sign of the growing confidence that peace and reconciliation has brought to the region. The “”Yes We Can”” project also made a real contribution to improving community relations and bridging the divide between the communities in which the Clubs are based.  By playing a match at the Festival the young women have the opportunity to demonstrate what can be achieved when differences are put aside and people work together.



Mossley Ladies Hockey Club has given club member Kathleen Lowry the role of developing their relationship with St Enda’s and Bredagh GAC further.  Kathleen commented, “”I have held this position for the past few months and am eager to keep the PEACE III project and its ethics strong. We now have 5 girls registered to play camogie for St Enda’s and they are looking forward to the season ahead. We are also looking forward to the festival and the girls are eager, excited and can’t wait to all meet up again and have a great day.””



The programme has also cemented the growing relationship between Ulster Hockey and Ulster Camogie, and has provided a platform for them to develop new projects. They have currently submitted an application for further EU funding support to deliver the project across Northern Ireland and in the Border Counties in partnership with their counterparts in the Republic of Ireland.



For more information please contact:

Catherine O’Hara (Ulster Camogie)
Tel: (0044) (0) 7720464543 E-mail:



Jonathan Hodge (Ulster Hockey)
Tel: (0044) (0) 7702276862 E-Mail:




Picture Caption: From Left: Participants at the Launch of the “”Yes We Can Community Relations Project – Claire LeVelly (Bredagh GAC), Fionuala Miller (St Endas GAC), Hannah Shields (Endurance Sportswoman), Nicola McMillen (Mossley Ladies’ Hockey Club).


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