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Welfare Webinar Series

Fri 28th Apr

Gill Waters


The Camogie Association are delighted to announce our upcoming Welfare Webinar Series. We will be hosting 3 webinars covering the topics of Relationships with Food, Body Image and  Emotional Well-being. Members have highlighted these areas which they require further awareness and support in Player Welfare Research carried out by the Association. 

The Welfare Webinar Series will take place as follows: 

  • Tuesday May 16th at 7.30pm – Promote a healthy relationship with food and body image in our young people’
    This webinar will look at eating behaviours; how a negative relationship with food, exercise and body image can impact our young people; what we can do to promote a positive relationship and what supports are available. 
  • Tuesday May 30th at 7.30pm– Understanding Body Image Issues’
    In this webinar we will learn about what body image is, why people can suffer from poor body image, what we can say and do to help and what not to do and say 
  • Tuesday June 13th at 7.30pm‘Supporting the Emotional Well-being of our Young People’
    In this webinar we will learn about how we can support our young people’s emotional well-being, and how we can communicate compassionately with them.

The webinars will be delivered by Deirdre Reddan. Deirdre works with individuals who have developed a problematic relationship with food, helping them to transform both their relationship with food and themselves, through positive behavioural change. She also works with parents and family members and with sporting organisations, large organisations, healthcare professionals, educating and raising awareness. Deirdre’s website can be found here 
The webinar series is open to all our members and we feel it will be most beneficial to Coaches, Parents and Players. These live and interactive sessions will not be recorded and will have a capped number of places so please register through the registration form. 

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