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National League Division 1:
Wexford 0-10 Cork 1-4.
In a nice gesture before the game commenced in Killurin, the Wexford team formed a guard of honour for the Cork team who are the reigning All Ireland Champions.  With the niceties over, Wexford got down to business and opting to play with the advantage of the strong wind in the first half, wasted no time in getting into scoring mode. 

Josie Dwyer won a free in the opening minutes and a very much inform Kate Kelly took the shot and put the ball over the bar to open Wexfords account.  This was followed with a point a piece by Lenny Holohan and Ursula Jacob, both from play.  Cork’s opening score came in the 6th minute with a point from Eimear O’Sullivan from play.  Kate Kelly won a free for Wexford and she stepped up to take the shot and again pointed putting three points between the sides. 

Caroline Murphy broke free with a ball which she passed off the Ursula Jacob who duly pointed in the 9th There was a lot of hassling from both sides for possesion, but Wexford were awarded a free in the 16th and Kelly again had no trouble putting the ball over the bar.  Wexford were awarded a sideline which was taken by Aine Codd who found Josie Dwyer, Dwyer passed the ball off to Kelly, but her shot was cleared by Cork. 

Kelly won a free in the 22nd and this time put the ball over the bar.  A dangerous ball came down the field and when Mags D’arcy came out to meet it Cork’s Gemma O’Connor got her stick to it and the ball found its way into the back of the Wexforfd net in the 25th.  Wexford regained their composure and Ursula Jacob pointed just before half time seeing the teams go in an half time Wexford 0-8. Cork 1-1.

Knowing the Cork would have the wind advantage in the second half, Wexford worked very hard all over the field to deny Cork possession.  Kate Kelly took a Wexford free just after play resumed and pointed accurately even though there was a very strong cross wind.  There were some great battles for possession from both sides with no one giving an inch and in a lovely passing movement, Kelly passed a ball off to Una Leacy who picked out Rose Marie Breen who put the ball over the bar in the 16th. 

Cork answered back when Orla Cotter pointed from play in the same minute.  Breen’s score was to be the last Wexford score in the second half but they had done enough in the first half and just needed to close Cork down and deny them any scoring chances which they did admirably.  Mary Leacy and Aine Codd returned any ball that Cork sent in back down the field with some solid defending. 

Cork did make a comeback in the last few minutes and Rachel Maloney pointed from a free in the 28th, this lifted Cork and Gemma O’Connor added another point from play in the 29th, but Cork had left it too late and the final whistle sounded with Wexford winning on a scoreline of Wexford 0-10 Cork 1-4.
Wexford: M. D’Arcy, B. Holohan, D. Codd, C. O’Connor, A. Codd, M. Leacy, A. O’Connor, C. Murphy, K. Kelly(0-5) M. O’Leary, R-M. Breen (0-1) J. Dwyer, U. Jacob (0-3) U. Leacy, L. Holohan (0-1) H. Jacob, M. Hearne, G. Moore, S. Redmond, M. Kelly, C. Storey, L. Codd, K. Atkinson, E. Quigley, C. Atkinson, S. Nolan, K. Parrock.
Cork: A. Murray, L. O’Connell, C. Foley, A. O’Regan, J. Duffy, R. Buckley, G. O’Connor (1-1) O. Cotter (0-1) S. Burns, R. Maloney (0-1) U. O’Donoghue, E. White, M. O’Connor, L. Hawkes, R. Holland, E. O’Farrell, E. O’Riordan, O. O’Sullivan, D. Cronin, D. Twomey, M. Murphy, M. Harkin, M. Browne, P. Mackey, K. Mackey, J. Lynch, C. O’Neill.

Division Two:

Wexford 2-10 Cork 0-11

Wexford and Cork met in the National League Division 2 clash in Killurin, Wexford on a cold and blustery Sunday afternoon.  Cork played with the advantage of the strong wind in the first half.  Wexford opened the scoring with a free from Ciara O’Connor in the 4th minute, Cork answered back with a point from a free by Michelle Browne in the 7th and two minutes later her colleague Katriona Mackey pointed from play. 

Wexford had a couple of chances from Ciara O’Connor frees, but the strong wind tailed her attempts just wide of target.  Cork added two further points in quick succession from Browne from a free and Mirah Reidy from play to leave three points between the sides.  Wexford narrowed the gap when Shelly Kehoe pointed from play in the 17th while Browne put three again between the sides when she pointed from a free a couple of minutes later. 

Evelyn Quigley for Wexford and Browne exchanged points before the half time whistle sounded which saw the teams going in at half time Wexfored 0-3 Cork 0-6.  Wexford quickly started to close the gap with the advantage of the strong wind in the second half and a Siona Nolan point from a free in the opening minute set the scene for a strong comeback.  Wexford were awarded a sideline which was taken by Nolan and in a lovely passing piece she found Eimear O’Connor who passed the ball off to her sister Ciara who duly popped it over the bar for a nice point. 

Evelyn Quigley added a point from play and Nolan pointed from a free followed by a Shelly Kehoe point when she picked up a nice ball in from Quigley to see Wexford edge ahead of Cork by two points, infact there were 15 minutes on the clock before Cork registered their first score of the second half with a Mirah Reidy point from play.  Evelyn Quigley was passed a ball in from Siona Nolan and duly found the back of the net in the 17th to extend Wexford’s lead. 

Wexford were firmly in command at this stage and Nolan scored two more points one from a free and one from play to stretch the lead to six points.  Cork were awarded a free in the 22nd and Michelle Browne took her shot and put the ball over the bar.  Quigley found the net again in the 24th when she picked up an incoming ball and handpassed it to the net past the keeper.  Cork added three more points before the final whistle all from play from Mirah Reidy, Katriona Mackey and sub Sinead O’Callaghan before the referee blew time and a very happy Wexford side march on to the Division 2 League final on the 25th April.

Wexford: H. Jacob, S. Cullen, C. Atkinson, K. Atkinson, C. Storey, N. O’Connor, F. Doran, L. Codd, F. Kavanagh, C. O’Connor,(0-2) S. Nolan, (0-4) S. Kehoe,(0-2) E. O’Connor, E. Quigley,(2-2) S. Redmond, E. Hanrick, E. Doyle, M. Kelly, S. Carr, S. Kehoe, A. Sheil, J. Hayden, G. Moore, L’O’Leary, E. Moran
Cork: G. Harrington, A.M.Fleming, L. Cunningham, C. O’Neill, L. Weste, C. Motherway, P. Mackey, H. O’Mahony, L. Power, M. Coleman, J. Lynch, M. Reidy (0-3) K. Mackey (0-2), M Browne (0-5) E. Casey, D. Leahy, M. Jagoe, M. Harkin, D. Luby, S. O’Callaghan (0-1) L. O’Regan, R. de Faoite, P. Buttimer, E.Murphy, S. Buckley, J. Murphy, K. O’Donoghue, J. Kavanagh, E. Corkery, D. Murphy.

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