The Camogie Association

Littlewoods 2020



Personal Injury cover
The Camogie Association, unlike its GAA and LGFA counterparts, does not administer its own injury scheme. This means that injury cover/insurance must be purchased from insurance providers, operating independently in the private sector.
The obligations relating to injury cover within Camogie are detailed in the Official Guide Part 1 Camogie Constitution Rules. The rules around registration of members with the Camogie Association and insurance are key.
The rules relating to the playing of the game outlined in Official Guide Part 2 Playing Rules are also relevant.
These documents are downloadable from
Each Unit is obliged to comply with these rules.
Please be aware that failure to comply may have implications in how an insurance company considers a claim, in the event of a claim arising from a fixture that may not be deemed official.
Insurance claims must be processed via the relevant insurance company.
The Camogie Association does not handle any insurance claims.