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Risk Assessment & Child Safeguarding Statement

The Gaelic Games Associations operate a joint Code of Behaviour (Underage), which is enshrined in our rules and the content of which reflects how we address our Association, legal and statutory safeguarding obligations.

One specific aspect of the Code of Behaviour (Underage) is that due to the fact that they are recognised as providing a ‘relevant service for children’, our Clubs & County Boards must undertake a risk assessment that considers the potential for harm that could come to these children while they are in our care. A risk assessment is an exercise we carry out where our Clubs, County Committees, and each of our Associations at national level examine all aspects of our service from a safeguarding perspective and establish whether there are any practices or features of the service, whether they be games, training, other activities for children, or the recruitment of coaches & mentors, that have the potential to put children at risk. Experience shows that discussions on the risk of harm to children in our care inevitably leads to a greater awareness of the Child Safeguarding measures we undertake in our day-to-day work in the Gaelic Games Associations. Each unit e.g., our Clubs, must now discuss and complete this procedure at Club Executive level and must record, sign and date when this discussion took place. Carrying out a risk assessment procedure shall now be required of all units, every two years.

Club & County Child Safeguarding Risk Assessment & Child Safeguarding Statement

All units are required to conduct a Risk Assessment and complete a new Child Safeguarding Statement.

On this page a template Club & County Child Safeguarding Risk Assessment and Child Safeguarding Statement are available to download.

To assist clubs in completing the Risk Assessment please see FAQ or you may wish to view our recent National Child Safeguarding Risk Assessment Webinar

For further information on Children First requirements for the Camogie Association please see the Children First Information & Guidance for GAA Clubs

New Child Safeguarding requirements that came into effective as and from 11 March 2018. The two documents are a Child Safeguarding Risk Assessment template and a Child Safeguarding Statement.

Camogie National Safeguarding Statement 2023-2025


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