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Survey finds vast majority plan to continue in their role
The majority of volunteers involved in Camogie administration have reported a high degree of satisfaction in their roles with most planning to continue in an administrative capacity for the Association into the future. 
The findings, contained in research carried out by the Association, “The Gift of Time, A Profile of Camogie Administrators,” published to coincide with National Volunteering Week (May 11th – 17th) aims to build an up to date profile of the administrator within the Camogie Association at all levels. 
-In contrast to findings in the 2013 Irish Sports Monitor  which reported volunteering as higher amongst males, than females, the Camogie Association found that over 75% of respondents were female.
-Almost 20% of respondents are involved in both playing camogie and an administration role and are aged between 20 to 29 years.  
-Over half of respondents cited the involvement of a daughter (s) in Camogie as their primary reason for involvement while it also found that up to 35% are involved in Camogie administrative work on a daily basis.
-Up to 70% of those surveyed were combining their volunteering role with full-time employment.  
Speaking about the findings, President of the Camogie Association, Catherine Neary said: 
“This research, examining the reasons behind why people volunteer in an administrative capacity, the level of training and support they receive and the time spent carrying out duties, provides the Association with an excellent overview of the profile of our current administrators and has made important recommendations in terms of establishing training modules for sports administrators and the means by which the Association can encourage new volunteers and support and equip them with the necessary skills. 
Volunteers are the bedrock of the Association and it is heartening to see a high percentage of new volunteers into the Association and also the years of service of various administrators, reflecting satisfaction and a passion for their roles. It is our responsibility to ensure that we continue to attract new volunteers and retain them in a supportive and appreciative environment.”
Further findings from the research found that the vast majority of volunteers had no training prior to taking up their role (83.4%) and almost 80% expressed satisfaction with the amount and quality of training subsequently received.
Respondents also highlighted that help was available to those who were new to administrative posts, within various units. 
Key recommendations from the report include:
-allocating additional resources in the new organisational developmental plan due to come into effect in 2016
-focussing on developing Camogie administration initiatives for a younger audience, primarily TY (Transition Year) students.
-A structured training and appreciation programme, across all levels of the Association, in order to deepen a culture of volunteer well-being and role satisfaction was also recommended. 
“The Gift of Time, A Profile of Camogie Administrators,” was carried out amongst 335 respondents to an online questionnaire.  The publication is available to download by clicking here

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