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Meaningful Playing Time Club Charter

Elevating Camogie Through Fairness, Inclusivity, and Development

The Camogie Association is proud to introduce the Club Playing Time Charter, an ethos designed to enhance the experience of Camogie players at every level. By adopting this charter, clubs commit to championing fairness, inclusivity, and holistic player development, setting a new standard for meaningful playing time and lifelong involvement in the sport.


What is the Club Playing Time Charter?

The Club Playing Time Charter is an ethos or philosophy focused on providing all players with meaningful opportunities to participate and progress in Camogie. It empowers coaches, clubs, and players to create an environment where every individual feels valued and has the chance to thrive.

Who Benefits from the Charter?

  • Clubs
  • Coaches
  • Players
  • Administrators
  • Parents/Guardians

By embracing the Charter, these stakeholders will contribute to a positive and supportive Camogie community.


Why Adopt the Charter?

Adopting the Club Playing Time Charter offers numerous advantages:

  • Players Feel Valued & Supported: Ensuring all players receive meaningful playing time makes them feel integral to the team.
  • Skill Development & Personal Growth: Prioritising development helps players refine their skills and cultivate life skills such as teamwork and resilience.
  • Enhanced Teamwork & Resilience: Inclusive participation builds stronger team dynamics and individual resilience, along with promoting lifelong involvement in the sport.


Key Aims of the Charter:

  1. Meaningful Playing Time: Ensuring all players are actively involved in training sessions and matches throughout the season.
  2. Fairness and Equality: Providing equitable opportunities for all players to participate in matches and training.
  3. Player Development: Supporting holistic player development by focusing on on-field experiences and skill enhancement.
  4. Inclusivity: Creating a welcoming environment where players of all ages, skill levels, and backgrounds feel valued, promoting an ethos of lifelong involvement in the sport.
  5. Club Recognition: Recognising and supporting clubs that prioritise these principles, promoting best practices within the Camogie community.


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