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Social Camogie is our Adults Recreational Programme ran by the Camogie Association to encourage more females to take part in Camogie socially. The games environment is built around fun, socialising and physical activity.  This programme provides an opportunity for women to get involved in an exercise in a fun way while meeting other adults playing camogie within the community.

Participant must be over 25 and not playing in senior club or inter-county competitive competition currently. This is a fun and non-competitive programme in a relaxed social environment.

There are 4 Provincial Blitz organised in each Province every year and one National Blitz to complete the year of Social Camogie. The provincial blitzes are open to all clubs who have signed up to the programme, you can attend all 4 if you wish. The National Blitz is only open to clubs who have attended at least 1 Provincial Blitz.

The initiative has proved hugely popular with women of all ages and many clubs have their Social Camogie Programmes going across the country.

If you are interested in getting involved in our Social Camogie Initiative and getting a hub started in your club or area, please get in touch via email to or check out our resources below.

To find out how you can get involved in Social Camogie, please click here.

To find a Social Camogie programme near you, click here.

To register your club or hub in our social camogie initiative , please click here.

To view a gallery of images from our 2023 National Blitz, click here.

To view our gallery of images from our recent Leinster Social Camogie ‘Try it Out’ Blitz, click here.

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